‘OUR HEROES’ are also local Schools, Organizations & Individuals who collected Food, Toys and Gifts throughout 2023!

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This is 'the village' it takes for us to provide this very needed service, supplying Single Parent Families with Food Hampers they would otherwise not be able to get due to Illness or Disabilities in their family.

The ongoing efforts of schools, businesses and individuals who donate using our drop off bins are a big part of what makes it so we can provide the service we do throughout the year.

Below you will see a gallery of pictures thanking the wonderful supporters who are part of these ongoing efforts and, as always, with so many charities out there, we are hugely grateful for what they do in keeping us as the charity they choose to help.
The food and monetary donations we receive through the year from schools, businesses and individuals helps to keep our shelves stocked and our hampers full of the essentials.

When we have specific food hamper drives like during Easter or Christmas, the toys and gift cards bring some added joy to these families who very much  appreciate your support.

In addition to our regular list of registered families, in November of 2023, we started helping to feed Single Parent Families in School District 42 through the wonderful Jeannie Harnett, who is coordinating with partner community agencies to fill hampers, take referrals and arrange deliveries to the school families. 

On behalf of all the families we have helped together, Thank You!!!
We look forward to reaching even more families in 2024!


Want to see who you are helping when you support Food Bank on Wheels?

To see some pictures of the actual families we help on a regular basis, check out the gallery here:  https://foodbankonwheels.org/pictures-of-what-we-do/


How can you join in and support us right now?

If you would like to join the community of amazing supporters, you can donate, volunteer or partner with us through the links in the menu or on the front page of the site below the cover image.

We are always managing a waiting list of families who need our help and the more support we receive, the more of them we can reach. Thank you for your kindness and God bless 🙂