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Welcome to Food Bank on Wheels

What makes us different?
We provide perishable & non-perishable food hampers to Single Parent Families who are poor or in need and cannot go to a regular Food Bank due to an illness or disability in the family.

Donate Money Here

Contribute financially to support single-parent families in need.

Donate Food Here

Provide essential food items to ensure no family goes hungry.

Volunteer with Us

Lend a hand and make a difference in the lives of families experiencing illness or disability.

Partner with Us

We are currently seeking a partner who can offer warehouse space to store food, freezer space and supplies for our community, preferably in Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam.

Support Our Current Fundraiser

Make a donation to help us with our


This time of year is very difficlut for our clients regarding the costs associated with back to school.

We have to secure funds by Aug 26, 2024.
That leaves us with 7-10 days to purchase all the perishable foods and knapsacks along with school supplies to be ready for our Sept. 2024 deliveries.

Your immediate support is crucial!

Surging food & fuel prices are driving up the cost of each food hamper we provide to Single Parent Families and their children as well as our involvement in the snack and lunch program of School District 42 (resuming Sept. 2024)

How will your donation help?

Click the Donate Now button!
Your donation of $250 will help cover the cost of each food/school hamper.

Each Back To School Hamper and Knapsack With School Supplies will consist of perishable and the non-perishable foods they need, costing us $150 per food hamper.

Each child/teen will receive age appropriate school supplies along with a knapsack that will cost us $100 per child/teen.

along with the transportation costs for each Single Parent Families food hamper delivery, along with the knapsack with school supplies.
We are also helping with Food Insecurity for students in School District 42
with donated and food-rescued food that we receive.

This service that we provide, a home delivered food hamper, fills a service gap that is not readily provided since most regular food banks do not deliver.

Scroll down to read ‘What Our Clients Say’.

Click the link to see donation options for our Back To School Fundraiser:

 Thank You To All Our Donors & Volunteers!

In 2024 your continued support will help Single Parent Families & children who cannot go to a regular Food Bank, due to a disability/illness – mental/physical in the family.
Also, we are providing food security for students and their families in School District 42.


The Little Butcher & Muslim Food Bank for your Meats/Fish Donations.

Starbucks – Pitt Meadows and Surrey London Station for the Pastries/Sandwiches.
PoCo Freshmart / Safeway  – Port Coquitlam for the Pastries/Bread.
Shoppers Drug Mart/Westwood – Maple Ridge for Perishable & Non-Perishable Foods.

To all the businesses that donated money to support us for 2023, w
e look forward to your continued support in 2024!

See our list of Amazing Partners & “Our Heroes” webpage.

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Our Heroes

Thank You to Our 100+ Amazing Partners

Where We Serve

Our Service Area

We are eager to expand to other regions such as Vancouver/Burnaby given the resources in both donations + volunteers.
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Who We Help

Reach Out To
Food Bank On Wheels

We help single parent families who can’t reach a food bank themselves due to illness or disability.

In order to qualify you must be:

A single parent family

Experiencing an illness or disability in the family (mental or physical) thus unable to go to a regular food bank

In genuine need of support

Our Difference

What Makes Our Food Bank Different

Unlike traditional food banks, we help single parent households who can not physically pick up food hampers due to disability or illness in the family.
Food Bank on Wheels delivers perishable and non-perishable foods directly to the homes of our clients.

Our Core Values


We help single parent families experiencing illnesses or disabilities (Mental or Physical)


A mobile food bank helping those who are most vulnerable in our community


Each single parent family receives one hamper per month with an average of 8-10 days of food


Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Mission, Aldergrove, Cloverdale, Surrey, Delta, Langley. Planned expansion into Burnaby and Vancouver for 2024.


To give single parent families the dignity, support, and safe space to receive a food hamper

"The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor."

Proverbs 22:9

Community Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

“Chris is an awesome person. His food bank has helped me and my kids out immensely and it has been a Godsend and a blessing. I truly appreciate how they help out those in need. I am grateful for the help that I receive”

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Tabi N.


“Very helpful it truly takes a village to raise a child and foodbank on wheels is a big part of my village as a single low income parent with knee issues and other health issues and the rising cost of food this helps to ensure I can feed my teenagers and keep them healthy and full hats of to this great organization I truly do not know what I’d do without them. Very caring and friendly highly recommended to those who need help and have mobility and health issues preventing them from using the regular food bank hands down number 1 in my books”
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“Food bank on wheels is a great food bank they help with monthly food delivery to families all over Vancouver. I am a client and a volunteer when I can help . Food bank on wheels also put out a special Christmas hamper for the families every year .

Food bank on wheels deserves more then 5 stars in my opinion . They have done so much to make the families feel less stress around food every month .

And Ella she deserves 5 stars to my son who has asd he loves her so much. Food bank on wheels Keep up the great work”

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“Fantastic charity……amazing people. I’m a single mother of 4 on disability. They have helped me immensely, with food when needed to school supplies and even laptops. I also volunteer when I’m able and love to help people who are in similar situations.”

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“Food Bank On Wheels is the best! They have been helping me so much for the past few years and it’s been a great help for me and my kids. They help me accordingly to my need because my son his celiac and lactose intolerant. I really appreciate their help. I’ve been their client for past 4-5 years and now I also volunteer with them since past few months. I’m really happy that I got to volunteer with this amazing team because they’re all awesome.”
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“Chris at food bank on wheels is a really nice guy. Using his food bank had helped me and my kids immensely. I appreciate all that he does to help those in needs. It definitely has been a huge blessing.”

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“I am soo grateful for the food bank on wheels. Being a single mom with a special needs child and not driving its hard to make it to the store or regular food bank and with this pandemic and kiddo not able to wear a mask, and not able to work, having food delivered helps more than you know!!

Thank you soo much for all the help”

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Tabi N.


“My boys and I recommended Food Bank on Wheels!!
This year has already had its toughness and then we add a break up with my children’s father (they are in process of transitioning and prefer males over females, and unfortunately it meant an end for all of us as a family). Lots of struggles now trying to juggle full rent, full bills and full everything on my own and add in covid 19 and no work. I decided to try and better myself to give my boys and I a better life so I enrolled in school on top of my son starting kindergarten and trying to juggle everything doesn’t allow for time to go to a regular food bank and back since I do not have my license as that’s just one expense I can’t add on top of everything else. Not able to go to a regular food bank as my time and stresses juggling everything are already so thin they have been a life saver and the look on my sons eyes when they give him the things he absolutely loves gives me a glimpse of hope and not an absolute failure. I appreciate everyone’s hard work and it’s such a blessing. God bless everyone and thank you so so very much! ”

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Brianna A.