Thank you to ‘OUR HEROES’ (Businesses) who raised funds for our 2023 ‘Share Your Christmas’ Hamper Drive!

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We Honestly Can't Thank You All Enough for the Difference You Made in Raising Funds for our 2023 Christmas Hamper Drive.

Below you will see a picture of the typical size of a food hamper we were able to provide each family and a whole bunch of THANK YOU pictures to all the like-minded Corporate donors who wanted to give back to their communities for Christmas.

The support we received allowed us to shop for the essential perishable foods that make our hampers healthier, including all the fixings for a lovely Christmas dinners.

We were able to assemble hampers large enough to provide some much needed food security at an important time of year, 
including toys and gift cards resulting in some very grateful families in need.

We helped feed Single Parent Families in multiple communities as well as families in School District 42 through the wonderful Jeannie Harnett, who is coordinating with partner community agencies to fill hampers, take referrals and arrange deliveries to the school families. 
We look forward to 2024 where we can continue to serve even more than we did in 2023!
To see some pictures of the actual families we help on a regular basis, check out the gallery here:  https://foodbankonwheels.org/pictures-of-what-we-do/
On behalf of all the families we have helped, Thank You!
Xmas hampers 3 pics
Xmas Hamper size